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Hire a fitness trainer to help you achieve your body goals using standard methods

This is omega fitness. (Dedication is key)

The body is a system and in order to elicit change, various procedures should be done. We take care of your physical fitness goals be it cutting, bulking and maintenance.

To ensure maximal success for you, we conduct an adequate analysis of your body from where you would be starting your fitness journey in order to keep track of your progress. Goals are made and are meant to be smashed. so we would help you create goals feasible within a particular time frame without over training or under training. We provide standard and proven methods to help with your diverse goals.

Do contact us for more information before ordering work.

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Packages You Can Order

Work Module

Package 1:

  • Military Fit is a bodyweight circuit training fitness program based on a 30-day functional fitness course. It focuses on full body workouts for maximum body strength and functional muscle building.
30 Days

Package 2:

  • The 90 Days of Action is a steady results long-term program. It is designed to completely revolutionize how you approach fitness, making it part of your everyday life over the course of 3 months getting you in a better shape in the meantim
90 Days

Package 3:

  • The forge - Build Muscle With This High Intensity
  • Training
  • Main Goal. Build Muscle.
  • Full Body.
  • Training Level. Beginner.
  • Program Duration 6 weeks.
  • Time Per Workout 15-30 minutes.
  • Dumb bell, Bodyweight, Cables, EZ Bar, Mac
50 Days
Pandora - It's brutally hard, but I've found it to be an effective way to pack on muscle fast! In strength-coaching circles, this method is often called the Ten Sets Method.
50 Days
Cardio Trim is a transformative, bodyweight cardio based program. It's designed to streamline your body, shed extra body fat and add muscle definition. In addition to cardio routines the program includes extra ab and upper body work as well as tendon strength and lower back.
30 Days
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Omega Fitness
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Omega Fitness

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